Rhode Island Treasury - Committed to Transparent Investing

Rhode Island’s investments, including more than $8 billion of state pension assets, are managed by the Office of the General Treasurer under the direction of the State Investment Commission (SIC). 

On this site, you will find information about where the state’s pension funds are invested, how they are performing, and an overview of the state’s investment strategy and philosophies. 

Investment Policy Update

On September 28, 2016 the State Investment Commission voted to adopt a new "Back to Basics" asset allocation policy which is expected to significantly improve the performance of the portfolio while reducing risk. The data and graphs on this site will be updated over time as the new policy is implemented by Treasury’s investment division.


The legacy asset allocation for the plan prior to the implementation of Back to Basics is available here

Investment Expenses

The State Investment Commission and Office of the General Treasurer are committed to delivering the strongest possible investment performance for the state’s pension system. An important part of delivering strong performance is ensuring that fees and expenses are kept to appropriate levels. The SIC and Treasury strive to ensure that all investment-related fees and expenses are within industry norms, and fully transparent to the public.

When are expenses reported?

Each of the reports above contain an accounting of both direct and indirect investment expenses and are compiled once per year. Every month an accounting of direct investment expenses is included the report presented to the State Investment Commission.

Additional information and resources regarding investment expenses are available on our Data Portal.